Write a review html code

Put the following namespace value in the lint.

Write a review html code

You could name your classes more meaningful, but this is only a good practice, not a requirement. You could omit the class on body. Add it as child of head: However, the date is not part of the address, and therefor it shouldn't be separated by br.

Put the date in its own element instead. HTML5 offers the time element.

write a review html code

Because this is your address and not the recipient addressyou should enclose it in the address element. You could enclose the return address and the date in the header element. I think when followed by a comma, it should be part of the following paragraph.

But this is not undisputed I have no detailed knowledge about the semantics of a letter.

write a review html code

Greets The use of the br element to separate the greeting from your anme is correct here. But don't use several br elements just because you want to add more spacing. Use only one and apply a class to it, so that you can give it a higher vertical margin CSS.

Also, include this in a p instead of a div. Example So your letter could look like: Meine Nichte kann mich vertreten. Sie arbeitet sehr gesissenhaft.

Ihre Nummer ist xxx.The only difference in the review version code is the use of t=r (for star ratings) instead of t=t (standard testimonial) setting in the code to change the mode of the widget.

The options below allow you to customise the widget appearance on your page so as to look in tune with your own color scheme. Responsive Website Basics: Code with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 24 Reviews Go to class Go to class.

Write a review.

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1; 2 > MM Marlena M 3 years Class Central is a search engine and reviews site for free online courses popularly known as MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses.4/5(24). This article is going to introduce the way and rule about how to write a review to win a free license code.

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It’s actually a small python script, but has editor plug-ins to work with Vim and Textmate. HTML code for Product Review form Product Review form example. To view and test the form click the "Demo" button. Demo "Save to my account" lets you: link the form from your email or web page; edit the form at any time (for example, add more questions to the form) and;.

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