Verses in the bible about finding love

Its poetic love scriptures eloquently sum up what it means to be in love and to commit yourself to your significant other for the rest of your life. These Bible verses about marriage are the ideal addition to your wedding vows, however, for your reception toast or invitations, consider using Bible verses about love that everyone can relate to.

Verses in the bible about finding love

Michael Bradley In this article, I will give you of the best battle verses from the Bible. I simply cannot stress enough the power that is on these particular verses.

For those of you who have read the entire Old Testament, one of the things that really stands out is how God the Father would not hesitate go into battle for His chosen people, the Jews, when they were walking in good stead with Him.

God the Father was absolutely ferocious in His defense of the Jewish people when the situation would warrant Him coming to their aid.

The Bible tells us that God the Father does not change. And if God is still the same today as He was in the past, then this means that He will also come to the aid of all New Testament Christians who are walking in good stead with Him.

The best analogy I can give you on this is the family analogy. For those of you who are married and have children, just imagine that you just found out that someone was going to try and abduct and kill one of your children.

What do you think your natural response to such a horrible threat would be? You would have a strong righteous wrath rise up on you, and you would not hesitate to go into battle to either kill this abductor in self-defense if you had to, or arrange to make sure he got caught by the police and properly prosecuted.

I have had mother after mother tell me that they would not hesitate to kill someone like this if they thought their child was going to be killed or seriously injured by such an evil individual.

It is the exact same way with God the Father. God is our real Father, and as such, can you imagine what some of His emotional responses may be when He sees one of His own children come under any type of human or demonic attack?

Verses in the bible about finding love

God the Father is a God of maximum intensity. This means that all of His emotions within His personality are going to be of a maximum intense nature. So if God would have a very strong righteous wrath rise up on Him when seeing any of His own children come under any kind of an evil attack — can you just imagine what the intensity of that righteous wrath would be like?

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This is why some of the battles God fought for the Jewish people back in the Old Testament were so bloody and so intense. Just as God was so ferocious in His defense of the Jewish people back in the Old Testament — God can be just as intense and just as ferocious in His defense of you or any of your loved ones should the need ever arise where you would need His protection.

This is why the battle verses I will list in this article are so important for each and every Christian to have full knowledge of. The main reason for this is that many Christians are lacking real working knowledge in the area of spiritual warfare. God says in His Word that His people will perish for having lack of knowledge.

And not having the right kind of knowledge in spiritual warfare is what is getting so many of His people beat up in this life. Demons, and humans who have chosen to live this life on the dark side, are constantly on the prowl seeking who they are going to try and devour next.

All you have to do is watch the daily news and it is one horror story after another.

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Robberies, abductions, murders, and thefts are occurring every minute of every day in our country and all across the world. And some of those who are coming under these types of evil attacks are Christians.

For those of you who really want to learn how to get God to protect you from some of these types of vicious and evil attacks — I would strongly recommend that you read and study the article I did on how to Plead the Blood of Jesus — and then go into our Testimonies section and study some of the testimonies we have written up showing you how to go into battle against some real adverse situations.

The battle advice that we had given to each person in these testimonies brought complete and total victory against the adverse situations they were all facing. Once you have the knowledge on how to get God to move on your behalf in a battle situation — defeating whatever enemy has come your way can then become quite easy, since God is all-powerful and there is nothing that He cannot do — which would include handling any type of storm cloud that may have just come your way.

I would also highly recommend that you write or type out all of these battle verses on index cards in the order that I will give them to you. If you are willing to take this kind of extra step with the Lord, then you will have right at your fingertips all of the main battle verses of the Bible.

As you will see when reviewing some of our testimonies, you will need to incorporate some of these battle verses into your own personal battle prayers when engaging with whatever enemy may have come your way.

In this battle prayer are quite a few healing and battle verses that were put into the battle prayer itself so she could go on the offensive against the terminal cancer that had just struck her brother.

This is why I cannot stress enough how powerful these battle verses really are. And the way that you stir up God the Father to go into battle for you is to form out the appropriate battle prayers that will fit the specific battle situation you may be facing.

The other angle on all of this is that more Christians need to learn how to go on the offensive against whatever enemy has come their way. Too many Christians are way too passive when they are hit by any type of serious storm cloud.

Verses in the bible about finding love

God the Father is just waiting for you to come directly to Him to take this storm cloud head on operating under His full power and authority to be able to do so. But if you are not willing to go on the offensive against these bad storm clouds like David did with Goliath, then neither will God.

And this is why so many Christians are getting defeated when these types of bad storm clouds do come against them — all due to passive inaction on their part.

Insights from a husband, father, author, apologist, and theologian. What are some encouraging Bible verses?
Classic: The 9 Most Badass Bible Verses Mary Carmichael August 5, at I am looking for a scripture I remember the meaning of, but not the book or verse.

Now I will take you into some of the most powerful verses in all of the Bible showing you how God can go into battle for you to defeat whatever enemy may come your way — no matter how big, mean, or nasty you think this enemy may be!

These are whopper power verses, and I mean whopper power verses!Bible verses related to Finding Love from the King James Version (KJV) by Relevance - Sort By Book Order Psalms - Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

40+ Bible Verses About Love - Inspiring Scripture Quotes

If the Bible had been written by King Leonidas and the rest of the Spartans from '', it would probably read pretty much the same as it does now. It turns out, the Bible is already chock full of ass kicking.

Here are the verses that make us want to take to the streets and put some unbelievers to the sword.

This is the third post in the “Commonly Misused Bible Verses” series. If you haven’t read the other articles you may be interested to see my comments on 2 Chronicles and Jeremiah These two verses are often cited by Christians as though they were promises made to them by God, but that is not what the context shows. Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. John ESV / 43 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful Peace I . May 27,  · T he Bible is the word of God and has so many great ways to study it. Studying the Bible by topic or subject is one of those ways. At What Christians Want To Know we strive to encourage others to read the Bible and our list of articles about Bible verses on different topics is .

Packer defines the love of God this way: God’s love is an exercise of His goodness towards individual sinners whereby, having identified Himself with their welfare, He has given His Son to be their Saviour, and now brings them to know and enjoy Him in a covenant relation.

J. I. Packer, Knowing God (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, ), p. The bible says “we love because he first loved us” (John ), so it is his love that made us able to love and loving others, and telling of his greatest act of love (the gospel of Jesus Christ) is the best way that we can represent him as Christian people.

Quotes about Love - Read verses that provide guidance on topics relating to love such as; relationships, marriage, family, children, strength, and love of others.

The Bible says that God is love, which makes it the perfect source to learn how to love others, even those who are difficult for us to. NIV, Beautiful Word Coloring Bible, Hardcover: Hundreds of Verses to Color [Zondervan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Bring the Calming Effects of Coloring to Your Quiet Time With hundreds of inspiring verses illustrated in detailed.

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