The importance of searches conducted by schools to prevent school violence

The CDC puts these levels of violence in statistical perspective: There was approximately one homicide or suicide of a school-age youth at school per 2. Preparation levels vary by setting, according to National Center for Education Statistics data:

The importance of searches conducted by schools to prevent school violence

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How can we stop school violence? Here is what to know about school safety and how you can help ensure your school provides a safe environment.

Print article The horrific violence at a high school in Parkland, FL was, sadly, the eleventh school shooting of In the days that followed, there were three more school shootings in Louisiana, Ohio, and Florida.

These heartbreaking incidents are the latest in what feels like a string of violent events taking place on school campuses, following campus shootings around the country, including in Kentucky, California, Maryland, and Texas.

According to the nonprofit Gun Violence Archivewhich defines a school shooting as an incident that occurs on a school campus during school or extracurricular hours and results in a death or injury from gunfire, prior to the 14 school shootings thus far inthere were 75 school shootings in80 inand 55 in However, statistically, children are much safer in school than they are beyond school walls.

We have a gun violence problem, not a school violence problem. The report looks at victimization, bullying, student perceptions of school safety, and other topics relevant to school climates and security.

The latest school crime and safety report, released inuses data collected through The report indicates that: The percentage of students who reported being afraid of attack or harm at school fell from 12 percent in to 3 percent in the most recent year for which data is available.

Search and Seizure

The percentage of students in grades 9 through 12 who reported carrying a weapon on school property fell from 12 percent in to 4 percent in Students are more likely to be victims of violence outside of school than inside.

As ofschool-related violence had not increased over the past two decades. However, as school shootings and other acts of violence continue to occur, there is still much work to be done to improve school safety.

What schools are doing to protect students Inschools responded to the deadly elementary school shooting in Newtown, CT with an emphasis on school security.

Schools have also focused on preparedness in case of a shooting or other violent event. At last count in95 percent of schools reported that they drill students on lockdown procedures, and 92 percent reported practicing evacuation procedures.

Forty-two percent of all public schools and 68 percent of public high schools also employ school resource officers, who are sworn law enforcement officers trained to work in schools.

However, experts say that emphasizing school security is not enough. Cornell calls a singular focus on building security shortsighted.

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Threat assessment programs aim to keep schools safe while addressing underlying issues and helping troubled students. Across the country, educational experts are encouraging schools to teach social and emotional skills and provide access to in-school counseling and support.

Englander says that while many schools do a good job of prevention, their efforts are bound by limited resources. Stan Adamson, a former mental health counselor and anger management specialist at The Door, a Manhattan youth development agency, says that a multipronged approach to violence prevention is best.

A young person needs to learn how to use a social-skills response to a difficult situation rather than an aggressive response. When he experiences some success using these skills to deal with conflict, the student usually becomes motivated to learn more. Cornell cautions strongly against that approach.

Crisis Management and Planning

In their place, schools are moving toward positive behavioral interventions and more comprehensive methods of student support. Old-fashioned suspensions and expulsions do not address the root cause of the behavior that landed the child in trouble to begin with.

Ultimately, those punishments place students further at risk. Counseling and other positive student supports provide a more productive response to misbehavior.

If a school is designated as persistently dangerous, the district must inform the school community. Parents may then ask for a transfer to another school.School violence can be prevented. Research shows that prevention efforts – by teachers, administrators, parents, community members, and even students – can reduce violence and improve the .

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The importance of searches conducted by schools to prevent school violence

The Importance of Searches Conducted by Schools to Prevent School Violence. words. 3 pages. An Overview. School violence is not confined to urban schools; it is also prevalent in suburban schools.

[3] Violence is most common in large schools, and middle school students are the most likely targets of violent behavior. Schools need to take all possible measures to ensure the safety and security of students and staff. And according to Hanover Research, installing metal detectors is a form of best practice that allows the school management to be confident that it has done all it can to discharge its duty.

All schools work to prevent school violence and schools are very safe places. Students, staff, and parents all have an important role in promoting school safety.

School administrators and crisis team members can create safe, secure, and peaceful schools free from the destructive influence of violence in all of its forms. A center shall compile information about the “best practices in school violence, intervention, and crisis management, and shall serve as a clearinghouse for model school safety program information” (20 U.S.C.S.

§, ).

The importance of searches conducted by schools to prevent school violence
Prioritizing the School Environment in School Violence Prevention Efforts