The gemini project

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The gemini project

The Gemini program was an essential step to getting Americans on to the moon in the late s. It followed the one-person Project Mercury, which had established that an astronaut could survive a trip of a few minutes or hours.

However, there was a lot more to figure out before sending anyonemileskm away. Gemini featured endurance missions that went as long as two weeks, which would be ample time for astronauts to get to and from the moon.

Astronauts practiced rendezvousing and docking in space, a needed maneuver to join the two spacecraft together during moon missions. Also, astronauts grappled with the tricky problem of performing spacewalks in zero gravity, which took several missions to execute properly.

By the time Gemini concluded in NovemberNASA felt more confident about maneuvering spacecraft and sending astronauts on extended missions. Many of the Gemini astronauts went on to command Apollo missions, with some landing on the moon itself.

Some of the Mercury astronauts had moved on to other things, and there would be slots for far more than the seven astronauts originally brought into NASA. As such, the agency recruited a group of astronauts informally known as the "New Nine" that was announced on Sept.

The first of the new group of astronauts to reach space was John Young. He joined Gus Grissom a Mercury astronaut who did a minute flight aboard Gemini 3 on March 23,a shakedown mission to see how well the spacecraft and associated ground systems performed.

Lasting just three orbits and a few hours, the mission achieved most objectives. It landed about 69 miles km off course because the spacecraft had less lift than expected during re-entry, but the crew was in good shape except for being seasick.

Two "New Nine" astronauts then flew together on Gemini 4, an ambitious four-day mission to see how well astronauts could survive in space — and how well the ground could support them during a multi-day mission.

White floated outside the spacecraft for 23 minutes on a tether, maneuvering with a small thruster gun and by tugging on the tether. When he was ordered back inside, White said it was "the saddest moment of my life. Endurance and docking problems The next mission, Gemini 5, set a space endurance record.

Gordon Cooper and Pete Conrad spent more than eight days in space, traveling 3. The spacecraft experienced several technical problems during the flight, including problems with a fuel cell that put off a planned rendezvous experiment, but the crew returned healthy and with many of their mission objectives accomplished.

Gemini 5 also marked a milestone in the space race, as the accumulated time in space for NASA of hours and 15 minutes put the Americans ahead of Soviets in that marker during the space race.

Gemini Spacecraft Major Components

With the basics of multi-day spaceflight down, NASA had a list of several things to check off before taking people to the moon. One was figuring out how to dock two spacecraft together in space. The agency attempted to provide an Agena docking target for Gemini 6, but the robotic spacecraft exploded during launch.

Frank Borman and Jim Lovell blasted off on Dec. On launch day of Dec. Schirra elected not to eject — "I had my butt working for me," he wrote later — and another launch attempt three days later occurred without major incident.

As planned, the two spacecraft then made a close approach in space. The last few Gemini missions were mostly devoted to figuring out advanced docking techniques as well as nailing down how to perform a spacewalk.Digital Music: "Gemini Project" "Gemini Project" Go Cancel.

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The Gemini Solar Project would consist of the construction, operation, and eventual decommissioning of solar modules and associated facilities necessary to generate up to megawatts of electricity.

Project Gemini was America's second manned space program. It consisted of 10 manned missions from to The purpose of these flights was to develop and text technologies and procedures in preparation for the upcoming Apollo missions to the Moon.

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The gemini project

Average Ratings. Fifty years ago, NASA began a program called Project Gemini, developing deep space travel techniques and equipment to prepare for the upcoming Apollo program. Gemini Program Gemini Overview. (MOL) project. The Gemini 2 spacecraft was re-flown on an Air Force Titan-IIIC in Land recovery, using landing skids and an inflatable wing, were investigated early in the program.

However, time constraints required switching to a .