Testimony examples business plan

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Testimony examples business plan

Having read the background material, the reader should now be equipped to understand the principles behind the method of our exposition and the liabilities we believe attend competing views.

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Moving forward, we will place greater emphasis upon exposition than refuting alternate views, although we will continue to make mention of them at key places in the text. It depicts the progressive and immediate unveiling of the otherwise unknown and unknowable God to his church throughout the ages.

Yet if Scripture is meant to be understood, why do we have such a difficult time understanding it, and especially this book? Our problem is not so much the difficulty of understanding, but our own idolatry and rebellion. We are unwilling to study to know God and to submit in obedience to that which may be known.

We are more interested in other pursuits than in seeking God through His revealed words of life John 6: When we come to this last book of Scripture, our lack of preparation is evidenced all the more because what God intends as revelation, we see as mystery.

Yet Paul holds that revelation is the antithesis of mystery Rom. This book is not intended to be a veiled document full of mysterious symbols, but an unveiling and clarification of things which have heretofore not been revealed by God.

See The Importance of the Old Testament.

testimony examples business plan

There are several reasons why we believe that this book is not intended to be enigmatic. First, we believe that a chief purpose of God was the creation of language to communicate with man. If this is so, then the intellect of man and the clarity of language must be sufficient for this task: If God is the originator of language and if the chief purpose of originating it was to convey His message to humanity, then it must follow that He, being all- wise and all-loving, originated sufficient language to convey all that was in His heart to tell mankind.

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Furthermore, it must also follow that He would use language and expect people to understand it in its literal, normal, and plain sense. See the discussion regarding The Art and Science of Interpretation.

So it is our duty here to make sense of this book, based upon what related passages reveal concerning its central themeswhile reading the text in the same way as the rest of Scripture.

It did not come through man, nor was it taught, but it came through the revelation of Jesus. In favor of the objective genitive Jesus as the object being revealedis the oft-expressed longing of the NT writers for His appearing 1Cor. When He appears, His glory will no longer be veiled and all men everywhere will understand that He is God.

Wallace suggests the possibility that this is a plenary genitive indicating the revelation is both from Christ and about Christ. He is the source of revelation Gal.

He is the object of revelation Luke Many seem to be more interested in the Antichrist than in Jesus Christ. Paul makes plain that the revelation he received was not the result of teaching he received from men. In other words, biblical revelation is not by human insight or instruction. It is the unveiling of that which was previously unknown and would forever remain unknown if God had not graciously granted us His self-disclosure.

It is subject to the finding out of man and the manner in which it is discerned is subject to the flawed interpretations and theories of fallen men.A collection of true Christian testimonies that glorify the Jesus of the Bible. Share your Christian testimony with us; we'll share it with the world.

Raksha’s Christian Testimony Jesus Christ is in the business of changing lives. Jicky’s Christian Testimony Linda’s Christian testimony reminds .

Sustainable Business provides daily green news from across the world. Writing A Three Minute Testimony Jesus has a unique plan and purpose for you in reaching others with His message, so let Jesus guide you specifically in every aspect of your testimony.

Build your own testimony around a theme. Examples: Personal success (Your own past view-point and now from God's viewpoint), life's goals (past and. The Company will also provide ancillary services such as expert testimony and testimony regarding findings discovered during the course of a private investigation.

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Management expects that these services will be primarily be used within court proceedings and Example Business Plan. Home / Plan for an essay example testimony / Plan for an essay example testimony. Posted on November 9, by Motivational essay examples business school doctor essay topics research An solution essay by meaning Habits of eating essay styles essay city or countryside small town essay teacher of meaning urbanization.

A Testimony of Jesus Christ : - Revelation 1

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