Strategic business plan for coca-cola company

We used segmented revenue growth strategies across our business in a way that varied by market type.

Strategic business plan for coca-cola company

In the further discussion the mission, vision, and the value statement of Coca-cola is analyzed. To achieve a significant level of competitive advantage, it is highly essential to develop core competencies that are not easy to be replaced by other organizations.

The report focuses on the strategic plan of Coca-Cola. The company has grown drastically over the past years by expanding itself internationally, developing innovative packaging, introducing new brands, extensive recognition and a widely distributed network.

The company in order to maintain its competitive advantage always tries to maintain a balance between its internal, as well as, external environment.

With the extensive use of SWOT analysis, a company can prepare contingency plans strategic business plan for coca-cola company the uncertain situations.

Along with this, it also helps in increasing the customer loyalty that basically provides the company with increased goodwill and social image.

strategic business plan for coca-cola company

The PESTLE analysis also conducted provides a good knowledge of the ways the company complies with various external aspects. The report also discusses various strategies adopted by the organizations like grand and generic strategies. Along with this, recommendations for the Coca-Cola are also discussed in terms of strategies it should adopt to create more brand awareness and to have increased profitability.

Further, the implementation of contingency plans regarding the risks associated with Coca-Cola is also discussed. The company sells approximately 1. Its brand symbol is a white and red trademark. John Styth Pemberton in Asa Griggs Candler bought the formula inand the company was incorporated in Mission The mission of the company is to refresh the world, mind and the body along with spreading happiness through their brand and to inspire optimism among people.

Along with them, the company aspires to create value for its product and to make its product stand out of the market Staff, Vision Vision is the farsightedness of the company, which the company aspires to create in the future.

For the accomplishment of its vision, the company has set certain objectives and included it in its 6 P. They are people, portfolio, partner, planet, profit and productivity. Vision for its people is to provide a greater place for its employees by inspiring each other.

Company offers a portfolio of drinks to its customers and it inspires to satisfy the desire of every individual by doing so Staff, It aspires to build an environment of trust and loyalty so that good relation can be maintained which will help the business in the long run.

It aims to build a sustainable environment by being a committed citizen in the global world.

Strategic Pillars: The Coca-Cola Company

Its aim is to provide a profitable share to its shareholders and aspires to be a productive one. Values The company follows six core values to shape and support its work. Environmental Scanning of Coca-cola The internal analysis of Coca-Cola helps in identifying the existing strengths and weakness of the company so that they can be improved, as well as, utilized with uncertain opportunities and threats.

The SWOT analysis Strengths The inter-branding in Coca-Cola has made it the best brand on a global basis and has also provided it with increased value. It is also a very popular brand that is not compared easily and is preferred on a very large scale Frampton, Customer loyalty has also provided the company the biggest strength that helps it in penetrating the market in a more intense manner.

The introduction of a new concept called Corporate Social Responsibility CSR by the company has boosted its image in social context. CSR practices include recycling, packaging, energy conservation, active healthy living, and water stewardship.

Apart from this, the distribution channels and extensive marketing and advertising policies have provided the company with greater brand image and thus, help the company in retaining its customers Jurevicius, Weakness The company in-spite of having a good image for drinks like Sprite and Coke has certain drinks that are not addressed to the public.

The basic reason of this is the lack of advertising in certain drinks like C2 drink Defranco, A major issue of health is also encountered by the company.

The company is found using harmful ingredients in its drinks and is also blamed for using higher water consumption in the water scarce regions.


Slowly and gradually people are becoming more conscious about their health and weight due to which the company has suffered from reduced customer loyalty andstrategic marketing plan: coca cola company Conclusion The Coca Cola Company is currently one of the biggest and most recognized soft beverage brands in the world.

The report focuses on the strategic plan of Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is the world's largest beverage organization that has been liked by most of the population.


The company has grown drastically over the past years by expanding itself internationally, developing innovative packaging, introducing new brands, extensive recognition and a widely. To the Board of Directors of Coca-Cola Company: We, at Alpha Consulting Group, appreciate the opportunity to present you with this proposed three year strategic business plan.

In order to compose this plan, we conducted extensive research, including a detailed analysis of your company’s environment, both internal and external forces and factors. Jun 28,  · A strategic business plan considers how a company plans to succeed with its mission.

Although strategies are considered "high-level" concepts, . Coca Cola Strategic Plan Words | 20 Pages.

The Coca Cola Company Market Plan Marketing plan for a coca cola company Analysis of company situation: Introduction of Coca Cola Company: The Coca‑Cola Company is a beverage company that is publicly listed on the New York stock exchange.

strategic business plan for coca-cola company

Strategic Management Analysis of Coca-Cola Company Cristina Martinez St. Thomas University Management Writing and Reporting February 19, Thesis Statement: The Coca-Cola Company is a marketing model for all mega multinationals around the world, finding creative solution to the external factors that affect it.

Five Strategic Actions: The Coca-Cola Company