Quality of residential light poles

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Quality of residential light poles

Energy efficient but virtually no color rendering orange glow Low Pressure Sodium LPS Very energy efficient, but only limited color rendering Metal Halide Energy efficient and good color rendering, especially pulse start or ceramic metal types Fluorescent Energy efficient and good color quality, but poor optical control Source: Color rendering refers to the effect of light on the perceived color of objects.

Good color rendering means that most colors are easily distinguishable and is particularly important when color video cameras are in use. Color rendering should be distinguished from color appearance, which refers to the color of the lamp itself.

Optical control or lighting cut-offs: Optical control refers to the light distribution of different lighting fixtures, of which there are four main types. Non-cutoff optics, typically globes, allow light to be emitted in all directions.

Many decorative fixtures are of this type.

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They are effective at throwing light up into trees, not onto the ground, and they create a large amount of light pollution and glare. Semi-cutoff optics are commonly used in cobra-head style street lighting. They allow most of the light to shine on the ground, but some light is thrown upwards.

There is significant glare from these fixtures, but they are often mounted on taller poles to reduce the ill-effects of glare. Cutoff optics are typically rectangular in shape and produce more controlled lighting than semi-cutoff: They offer a wider spread of light than a full-cutoff and are commonly used in parking lots where greater spacing between poles is desirable.

Full-cutoff optics put light on the ground in a defined, tight pattern; they do not emit any light upwards. To achieve uniformity of lighting, more of these fixtures must be used, or they must be mounted higher off the ground. Lighting engineers measure either the brightness luminance or quantity illuminance of light at the illuminated object e.

Candlepower is the luminous intensity of a source of light in a given direction. Now expressed in candelas, it was formerly measured in terms of the international candle. Lumens are the metric unit of luminous flux, i.

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Foot-candles are a measurement of the light falling on a specified surface e. This is illuminance in lumens per square foot.Lamp post light installation ideas. Keeping your property properly lit is the key to keeping it secure from burglars and safe for visitors.

The lamp post light is a stylish part of this exterior lighting scheme. Signature Streetscapes offers a variety of commercial lamp posts, ornamental outdoor light poles or street lighting poles, and decorative sign posts for residential and commercial use.

All of our superior quality posts are made of aluminum and finished with a durable powder coat finish. Two theories underlie Professor Pease's ideas about the crime prevention effects of improved street lighting. † Street lighting is a situational crime prevention measure that focuses on reducing opportunity and increasing risk through modification of the physical environment.

Quality of residential light poles

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