Project management outlook

If your business does a lot of project scheduling, or you need to better manage your time, Outlook can become an essential companion. There are 86, seconds in each day. Making the most of each of them in your business is where Outlook can come in very handy, but you also need to develop a new approach to managing your time and projects and email can be a huge drain on your time. This will allow you to concentrate more on whatever project you are working on and when you do check your email, try and be as critical as possible.

Project management outlook

Top five Outlook hacks: Using project aliases within MS Outlook is a great first step to controlling your email flow and immediately takes some of the stress out of the insurmountable mountain of daily traffic.

Project management outlook

Aliases can help massively in keeping track of developments as they happen. Aliases allow you to manage your rules and automatically push traffic into specific project folders, letting you decide when to read or deal with them.

Consider them as separate departments, each handling specific parts of the project with specific responsibilities. Pimp my in-box One of the most powerful features of Outlook is the huge number of plug-ins available.

Project management outlook

Project management outlook the full capabilities of MS Outlook plug-ins is a must-do if you are serious about repurposing it into a project management tool. There are some serious applications that mean business, everything from email de-dupers, message recovery, auto-schedulers, alerts, print tools and more!

Why email someone when you can video conference them on Google Hangouts and chat face-to-face from your desk? Take responsibility MS Outlook allows you to be your own project manager. Grab your email traffic by the horns and take responsibility yourself.

If you pay attention to current opinion and attend to the constant and immediate needs of your inbox like you would a new-born baby, then guess what? It will destroy your day and take over your life. Trust me, your emails can wait an hour. Regain your productivity A huge part of the overall stress of a project, apart from meeting deadlines, is the fear of losing business-critical data and significantly setting yourself back.

Many people rely on this collective responsibility to back-up vital data. Instead, introduce your project to a back-up email server and wave goodbye to that headache. Mail servers work by archiving your inbox at the end of every day, soothing all your troubles away.

How to Use Outlook for Simple Task and Project Management

Safely backing-up all of your project data is like parking your new car in the garage, secured by a tamper-evident audit trail, leaving you to focus on the task in hand.

Find your flow… Switch your mobile phone off and put your out-of-office on. Go on, see your productivity fly! People are hopeless at focusing on multiple tasks at the same time and are easily distracted. Yet everyone is surprised when it happens to them… Were you following along or looking at the woman in the red dress?

The Calendar gives you the superpower of being able to see into the future, not to mention project visibility. Being successful is invariably the ability to foresee problems and take action to avert them.

Ensure everyone is on the same page by sharing an Outlook project calendar. Use the calendar to mark key milestones and celebrate small successes.

It can help unite your team as they work towards the final goal.The Microsoft Office Project Add-in for Outlook is a Component Object Model (COM) add-in that enables you to report your actual work and task status to your manager by using Microsoft Office Outlook.

Outlook has a number of features that can be used for time and project management.

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One of the most useful features is the tasks and to-do lists that can be easily created. In OneNote, create a Task Management folder for this purpose and a new section for each project.

The tasks you send from Outlook will be pages in your project section. Why Use Outlook for Projects and Tasks? For large projects, project managers and bigger companies use professional software such as Microsoft Project or Basecamp, some of the best project management tools to do the job.

They offer the extensive features needed to organize and manage successful projects. Effective Task Management With OneNote and Outlook Tasks. First, open up OneNote and create a new Notebook just dedicated to Task Management.. Now inside the Task Management notebook, you can create new sections for each individual project that you’re currently working on.

In OneNote, create a Task Management folder for this purpose and a new section for each project. The tasks you send from Outlook will be pages in your project section.

How to Use Outlook for Simple Task and Project Management