Paper diorama

First, I have a new technique to share with you that lets you create a pop-up diorama inside your card.

Paper diorama

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A pyramid diorama is a three-dimensional papercraft that you can use for a school project. Sometimes a pyramid diorama is called a triarama.

But they can have four sides as well as three. Pyramid dioramas are great for narration, book reports, or unit study projects. After you make the base, you can embellish the triarama however you choose.

Language Arts Ideas recreate scenes from your novel showcase new vocabulary words outline a process in three or four steps give a biography of a famous scientist History Ideas show aspects of daily life in an time of history explain three or four causes of a major event Pyramid Diorama Step One: Make Squares Any size square will do.

These squares are cut from regular 8.

Paper diorama

Pyramid Diorama Step Two: Fold Squares Fold the squares on both diagonals. How to Make a Triarama The photos outline the steps you take.

Paper diorama

You start with squares any size will do and fold them on the diagonals. Then cut on any diagonal just to the center point. Overlap the two triangles adjacent to the cut and glue them together. Now you have a three -dimensional figure that will stand on its own.

Make as many of these triangles as you want.

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Glue them together and use them as the base for your project. Pyramid Diorama Step Three: Repeat the process for as many sides as you want -- two, three, or four.

Pyramid Diorama Step Four: Assemble the Triarama Glue your pieces together. You can use two, three, or four of them. The base is finished. Now you can decorate it. Get Creative A pyramid diorama about the three types of rocks.About Us. Welcome to Paperkraftcity! Offering you a variety of unique custom designed paper craft card models.

From famous buildings, skyscrapers, street layouts, dioramas for photography and for the paper modeler enthusiast. Adapted from the manufacturer: The product concept of Paper Diorama Joint Mat is to make floor mat products to be used together with 1/scale action figures, to provide a realistic base terrain for display and photography.

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If you want to create a larger diorama, you may use poster board. I have used construction paper today.

Construct a Paper Diorama - DIY Did you ever have to build a diorama for a school project?
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How to make a paper mache diorama Etymology[ edit ] The word "diorama" originated in as a type of picture-viewing device, from the French in When illuminated from the front, the scene would be shown in one state and by switching to illumination from behind another phase or aspect would be seen.
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