Nature of god coursework

It caused me to ask myself the question:

Nature of god coursework

How God shows himself in different ways in comparison to human nature. There are many characteristics of God that are brought out in the Hebrew bible.

The bible describes God as the creator, destroyer, forgiver, forger of covenants and many more. This is because most people, both believers and non-believers are brought to the biblical preconceived notion about God.

His powerful nature is brought out in the creation story. This starts to reveal to us the nature of God not only in the stories presented in the Hebrew bible but also in the real events like the creation story. In Hebrew God is portrayed as solitary and unitary, and thus he does not have relationship with other gods but with the people he created.

Thus lead to the beginning of Judaism which was monotheism, which is the belief in one God who is concerned in action of humankind whom he created.

Category Archives: Essays & Coursework Post navigation. Posted on Friday, December 15, Particularly in the Old Testament, there are many different types of contradictions noted by modern scholars: the nature of God, the nature of good and evil, and the nature of the afterlife. course description This course briefly explores the nature of man and his need for the Savior. At the core of this course is the triune nature of . The nature of God is one of the most debated and challenging subjects in the history of the Christian religion. Over the centuries concepts like the Trinity evolved.

The promises he made to Abraham during his covenant to make him a great nation showed Jews the love he had for them. In Hebrew bible Judaism was marked by the sign that God gave to Abraham in his covenant.

All Jews are to be circumcised as a sign to differentiate them from all other people.

Nature of god coursework

This made the Jews to have a feeling of a special identity as the chosen people of God. By calling this one individual Abraham, Jews believed that God was setting in motion a series of acts of grace and judgment which would fashion a special people for him.

This is marked by the fact that Jews look Abraham as the father of the faithful thus they had an assurance of entering the promised land which God promised Abraham during their covenant where God told Abraham that he will be a father of nations. This helped in the growth of Judaism.

Judaism is marked by worship of one God that is Jews are monotheist. In the first commandment he commanded the people to have no other God but him and to worship him alone Exodus The Ten Commandments given to Moses at Mount Sinai acted as a constitution throughout the whole forty years journey in the wilderness.

Those who never followed them were casted out and they were regarded as rebels. In the wilderness the Israelites eliminating some communities which lived there by killing them and settling in their land and this promoted the growth of Judaism.

Looking at Jerusalem one may view it as the capital city of Israel, but according the Jews, the city of Jerusalem is one place which was regarded as their heart.

This was a place that was highly respected as the Jews went to pray at Jerusalem as they offer their sacrifices to God until the time the city was destructed by the Babylonians.

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The Temple rose at a high rate as the Jews went there for their religious classes. Human nature has been a topic of debate since the first critical thinkers and for good reason.

In Genesis chapter six through eight there is an incident described where God decided to destroy the Earth including men and everything that he created.The Absolute God In writing this chapter, I stand on the shoulders of giants indeed.

I gratefully acknowledge the tremendous help and influence that the writings of A. W. Pink, J. I. Packer, and Stephen Charnock have been over the years in helping me come to know and understand the Absolute God. JUDAISM Christianity | Islam How is the nature of God understood in the religion?

by Howard Greenstein. Ethical monotheism is a uniquely Jewish religious concept which affirms that all existence was created and is governed by a single God. This approach to justifying religion is called "the God of the gaps" and it is bad theology. The arguments for ID are in fact rather old, going back to William Paley and his example of a pocket watch that required a watchmaker.

Nature of god coursework

Paley believed that the nature of God could be learned by studying the natural world. There are many proofs in the webliography that have been presented pertaining to the existence of God.

Their nature and angle of argument are varied all with the attempt to prove God.

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Perhaps the closest that related to proving the existence of God are those dealing with time, contingency and interaction. The Nature of God.

Quick revise. Brahman.

GGSBC: Course Two - The Nature of God

Brahman refers to the supreme spirit of Hinduism. All other deities are personifications of aspects of Brahman. Brahman is eternal without beginning or end, without form, without gender. Take a glass of water. Add some salt – it will dissolve into the water and you won’t be able to see it or remove it.

In the Protestant Christian Tradition, God is understood as having a transcendent aspect within his nature, that is; God is wholly other in the sense that he is unlike his creation and stands above and beyond the fallen created order as one who is perfectly holy.

GGSC: Course Two - The Nature of God