Is censorship justified

Are there cases where media censorship is justifiable? Some parents implement censorship policies as a form of protection.

Is censorship justified

Is censorship justified

The police trade union has thrown a virutally impregnable protective wall around its members Nick Cohen Observer - Sunday August 26, To date, the newish Criminal Case Review Commission has examined claims from 3, convicts that they were falsely imprisoned.

Can you make a stab at estimating how many have been upheld? Before you speculate, remember the cynical wisdom that everyone in jail will swear on all they hold sacred that they're innocent.

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The cynics aren't all wrong. I've no doubt that some lags were trying it on when they attempted to persuade the commission's civil servants to raise doubts about their convictions before the Court of Appeal.

You shouldn't forget either that jail cells are a fourth-rate substitute for closed mental hospitals. They hold luckless beneficiaries of 'community care' who can protest that they've been framed with genuine sincerity.

Unfortunately they can also be howling mad. You must therefore discount the chancers and the deluded, while remembering there is no fouler offence than the state jailing the innocent. Once you've made the necessarily loose calculations, you're ready to play fantasy justice and give your best guess of the percentage of complainants who have good grounds for arguing they're the victims of incompetent or malicious prosecutions.

My guess is a conservative Observer reader might imagine that the commission and appeal judges have a love of truth strong enough to push them to examine a quarter of disputed verdicts. An ultra-conservative might go as low as a tenth.

Actually the commission has decided that only cases should be referred to the court. Of these, the judiciary ruled that a paltry 53 convictions should be overturned.

The hit rate is 1. There's nothing as terrifying as a vicious policeman. He can attack with the privileges of the law as his Praetorian Guard.

If you fight back, you're committing an offence. Passivity is the only safe response; safe, that is, unless your injuries are fatal.

Hollywood got the unaccountable power of violent authority just right in 48 Hours when it had Eddie Murphy bellowing at a bar stuffed with rednecks: A nigger with a badge. Between and1, people died in police custody, prisons and secure psychiatric hospitals.

Caveats must be made once again. Many deaths were unavoidable suicides or accidents. Nevertheless, not one death was followed by the successful prosecution of an officer of the law. The hit rate in this instance is no fraction of any per cent whatsoever.

The criminal justice system can forgive with the empathy of a doped-out aromatherapist when necessary. The civil libel courts are just as permissive. Together they won 96 defamation cases in a row.

Memories had faded and witnesses had vanished: The typical target would be local papers or TV stations without the resources to risk hundreds of thousands in fantastically expensive court hearings.This is a world where money seems to have such control over journalistic integrity.

Is there no place for the reader to turn for unbiased news? The short answer is an emphatic yes.

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There’s still hope. When it comes to “censorship”, news can be censored either by the over-reach of government. Censorship cannot be justified, censorship is utilized as a tool to oppress people and desist young revolutionaries from challenging the powerful and revitalizing the anecdotal system.

Every powerful entity wants the public to see the information they consider that is . Is Censorship Justified? Ever wondered the reason behind racial discrimination, sexual discrimination, children committing crime or violence?

The main reason is that censorship is not properly imposed or there is a need of censorship in the society. The sisters’ on-camera style — Diamond (Hardaway) typically attacks Trump’s critics in long rants while Silk (Richardson) chants affirmatively beside her — has brought them nearly Time magazine just published an alt-right hit piece by Joel Stein entitled Why We’re Losing The Internet To The Culture Of Hate: How Trolls are Ruining the Internet, effectively calling for internet censorship to assuage hurt feelings of leftists on the conservative Milo Yiannopoulos recently had Stein on his podcast (Youtube link), revealing Stein to be no more than a barely.

Bristol Evening Post - Monopoly Masquerading as the ‘People’s Paper’ Tony Gosling - 11th December Until the early 20th century Bristol had a healthy tradition of varied, locally owned newspapers.

A diversity essential to share local information and to substantiate and debunk gossip.

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