Fdtd thesis

In most cases of photodetection it is important to model recombination as a competing process that has direct effects on terminal quantum efficiency. This enables better comparison with FDTD.

Fdtd thesis

Abstract We develop a finite-difference time-domain FDTD algorithm incorporating the hydrodynamic Drude model for the permittivity of noble metals. This model incorporates spatial dispersion nonlocal effects on the permittivity.

The resulting FDTD algorithm fully includes eddy current effects and is employed to study the extinction cross section of different metallic nanoparticles: It is observed that spatial dispersion can have significant effects on the extinction cross section of nanoparticles with characteristic sizes around 20 nm or below.

For larger particles, the effect is mostly negligible. It is determined that inclusion of spatial dispersion yields two general trends on the behavior of the extinction cross section versus frequency as the particle size is reduced.

The first is a blue-shift on the extinction spectrum and the second is an overall decrease on the extinction cross section as well as on the sharpness of resonance peaks.

Fdtd thesis

Also we find the strength of spatial dispersion effects do not have significant dependence on the orientation of nanoparticles.This thesis introducesthree main research projects completed by Dachuan timberdesignmag.com the study are based on numerical simulation timberdesignmag.com first two are basedon integrated ring resonator, a novel, ultra-small size, and widely used component in the field of photonics.

The main emphasis of this thesis is in FDTD.

Fdtd thesis

FDTD has become probably the most popular computational technique in radio engineering. It is a well established, fairly accurate and easy-to-implement method. SIMULATION STUDIES OF THE DIELECTRIC GRATING AS AN ACCELERATING AND FOCUSING STRUCTURE K.

Soongy, E. A. Peraltaz, R.

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L. Byer, Stanford University, Stanford, CA Optical Modeling with FDTD: Practical Applications with MEMs and Confocal Microscopy A Thesis Presented by Christopher Jason Foster to The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

In this thesis, the reflection characteristics of layered wall structures are studied using the standard rectilinear (SRL) finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method for modelling sound wave propagation.

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"FDTD Analysis of Plasmonic and Nanojet Enhanced Photodetectors for Imp" by I.M. Mehdi Hasan