Divine command theory anti abortion

Is God Necessary for Morality?

Divine command theory anti abortion

A baby at only 8 weeks in the womb. This theory is based on the fact that God is the creator of the laws governing morality and that he commands them; in that he would be against abortion and for pro-life. Abortion is a very controversial topic right now.

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This scripture is about a woman who has a miscarriage that was caused because two men who were fighting. The scripture does not flat out state that she had an abortion, but it implies that the miscarriage was not justified and immoral because a life was lost.

According to Isaiah The bible clearly states that human life was originally created in the womb, so why do those precious babies not have rights to their own life? The divine command theory would support that it is our duty to ensure that the human life, whether it is an adult or a baby in a womb, be given life and not have it taken away.

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It would be morally wrong and bad to do so. Therefore, abortion is morally wrong and unjustified. The love of wisdom, a christian introduction to philosophy. The bible and abortion: The biblical basis for a prolife position.After several weeks of analyzing moral theory, the divine command theory prevails.

Divine command theory anti abortion

Jehovah created us (page 7, Column 1) intrinsically valuable, in that we are each a temple, in and of ourselves. Divine Command Theory (DCT) is the idea that morality is grounded in God or God’s nature such that what God commands is necessarily morally good.

Historically speaking, the Euthyphro Dilemma has been used to combat such a position. Abortion: An Ethical Issue.

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Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This also justifies the anti-abortion argument. Divine Command theory does the exact opposite, it opens our eyes to new life, it leads us to believe that morality is based on God and the child was given to us by God.

It also allows us to believe if our child had a deformity. If you’re a Christian, you should hold a divine command theory of ethics, and I’m going to tell you why. As I’ve indicated before, I hold a Divine Command Theory of ethics. Yet the fact remains, that even though, it is the one of the oldest books known to mankind, handed down throughout history on a global level, critics still have issue with its divine command theory.

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Judith Jarvis Thomson’s argument is that anti-abortionists provide unfounded arguments, in describing the fetus. Feb 08,  · i have to write an essay about 2 ethical theories and what they would say about abortion i have tochoose between Kant, virtue ethics, utilitarianism, divine command theory, or ethical egoism.

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Divine command theory anti abortion
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