Colonialism in the austral realm

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Colonialism in the austral realm

Tuamotu Islands Hawaii At the beginning of the twenty-first century, Polynesia only had four independent island groups: Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga, and Tuvalu.

The rest of the many islands and island groups in Polynesia are claimed by or under the control or jurisdiction of other countries: Hawaii was a sovereign and independent kingdom from towhen the monarchy was overthrown and the islands became a republic that was annexed as a US territory.

Hawaii became the fiftieth US state in According to the US Census, Hawaii had a population of 1. More than one-third of the people are of Asian descent, and at least 10 percent are native Hawaiians or Pacific Islanders.

The United States has a number of additional possessions in Polynesia that include various small islands, atolls, or uninhabited reefs.

The Hawaiian Islands include more islands than the few usually listed in tourist brochures. Approximately islands and atolls are in the Hawaiian chain, which extends about 1, miles.

Hawaii is one of the most remote island groups in the Pacific. The islands of the Hawaiian archipelago are a product of volcanic activity from an undersea magma source called a hotspot, which remains stationary as the tectonic plate over it continues to shift creating new volcanoes.

Kilauea, an active volcano on Hawaii, the largest island in the Hawaiian chain, is considered by geologists to be one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Everest if measured from its base on the ocean floor. Hawaii, like most islands of the Pacific realm, has a tropical type A climate, but snow can be found on the tops of its highest mountains during the winter months. The island of Kauai receives more than inches of rain per year and is one of the wettest places on Earth.

The rain shadow effect created by Mt. All the rain falls on the windward side of the mountain, creating a rain shadow on the leeward side of the mountain, which is a semidesert. Kiribati Kiribati includes three sets of islands located in both Micronesia and Polynesia.

The main component of Kiribati is the Gilbert Island chain in Micronesia, where the capital city and most of the population are located.

Both island chains were US possessions before being annexed with the Gilbert Islands to become Kiribati. The Line Islands were used for testing of British hydrogen bombs starting in Three atmospheric nuclear tests were conducted by the British on Malden Island, and six were conducted on Christmas Island.

There is concern about how radiation affected people present during the tests and thereafter.


The Phoenix Islands have few inhabitants. InKiribati declared the entire island group a protected environmental area, which made it the largest protected marine habitat in the world. Kiribati is the only country with land in all four hemispheres: The United States controlled the eastern islands, which are referred to as American Samoa.

Before World War I, Germany gained control of the larger, more extensive western islands only to lose them to New Zealand after the war. Western Samoa was under the New Zealand government untilwhen it gained independence.

The name was officially changed from Western Samoa to Samoa in The Samoan Islands are volcanic, and the most active volcano last erupted in In Samoa, three-quarters of the nearly two hundred thousand people live on the larger of the two main islands.running head: colonialism in southeast asia and the austral and pacific realms 1.

only realm that lies entirely in the southern hemisphere; 2 countries in the Austral Realm are Australia and New Zealand p Tasmania the island off the SE coast of Australia (crossword). Introducing the Realm Learning Objectives Summarize how colonialism has affected the development and socioeconomic conditions of Australia and New Zealand.

Colonialism in Southeast Asia and the Austral and Pacific Realms. Name: Institution: Colonialism in Southeast Asia and the Austral and Pacific Realms. In order to colonize Australia, I had to grab and sell their lands to other European settlers and moved their native Austrians to settlements. It was easier to control them in settlement.

Colonialism in the Austral Realm To go back and colonize Australia again things would turn out differently.

Colonialism in the austral realm

The first record of Europeans arriving on Australia’s waters was around then 54 more European ships arrived between and , destruction and illnesses seemed to follow. Australia and Oceania’s history and development have been shaped by its political geography.

Colonialism in the austral realm

Political geography is the internal and external relationships between its various governments, citizens, and territories. Historic Issues The European colonization of Australia and Oceania defined the continent’s early political geography.

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