An analysis of impressionism an art period in painting

Hire Writer This painting was awe inspiring and brought my mind to deeply fathom the pursuit of knowledge and power. In order to fully describe this painting I will use the formal elements of paint; texture, color, line and lastly composition. It can also be thought of as the organization of the elements of art according to the principles of art. The composition of the painting was very unique and helps to rate an image that burns in your mind.

An analysis of impressionism an art period in painting

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One impressionist artist I particularly enjoy is Claude Monet. His use of bright, warm or pastel colors in his paintings give more of an impression appropriately enough of place and tone than one of detail.

To me, his paintings feel like looking at fond memories rather than at present events. It seems that the painting shows how one might fondly remember a beautiful sunset by a river. While impressionism shows dreamlike scenes through vague gesture and color, surrealism shows it through realistic nonsense.

Both are forms that I really enjoy. One of my favorite surrealist artists is Salvador Dali, who mastered the art of showing what equates to intensely realistic fever dreams. One such painting is shown below.

The Impressionist Artists

It is real in the way that impossible things are able to be real in our dreams, with spacial impossibility being an intimate part of the painting.

While they were developed almost a century ago, both of these art styles are still in frequent use today, though in slightly different incarnations. As digital media becomes more popular, digital art has been evolving.Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) () Artwork description & Analysis: This breakthrough work is a deceptively simple image - a lone rider racing across a landscape - yet it represented a decisive moment in Kandinsky's developing style.

In this painting, he demonstrated a clear stylistic link to the work of the Impressionists, like Claude Monet, . "Impressionist paintings cannot be separated from the history of events "(1) Cultural and political inferences can be made from what artists portray in their paintings as well as what they avoid and choose not to represent.

The period of Impressionism began around and .

Appreciating Aesthetics!

Another factor that made the painting close to realistic was the movement shown in the painting made by brush strokes to give an impression of wind through the field of grass that also went through the bushes and the tree.

In addition to breaking Romanticism’s and Neoclassicism’s rules of subject matter, Courbet’s Realist paintings, and to an extent the paintings of Jean-François Millet (–75), were executed in a thick impasto using mixed painting techniques, which was against the popular and accepted academic styles of the period.

An analysis of impressionism an art period in painting

Video: Monet's Impression, Sunrise: Painting & Analysis In this lesson, learn more about one of the most notable paintings of France's 19th Century Impressionist Movement, Claude Monet's.

Impressionist Painting Technique. CLAUDE MONET () 'Wheatstacks - End of Summer', (oil on canvas) The Impressionists were excited by contemporary developments in color theory which helped their search for a more exact analysis of the effects of color and light in nature.

Impressionism: Aims, Greatest Impressionists, Impact on Western Art