A movie analysis of muriels wedding

These are romantic stories in which two people are forced into emotional closeness via proximity or circumstance.

A movie analysis of muriels wedding

Plot[ edit ] Muriel Heslop Toni Collettewho loves the music of ABBAis the target of ridicule by her shallow snobby friends Tania, Cheryl, Nicole and Janine, for her awkwardness, fashion sense, and embarrassing antics. She also is a perpetual daydreamer who yearns for a glamorous wedding to a man who will help get her out of the dead-end seaside tourist town of Porpoise Spit, improve her personal life, and free her from her domineering father, Bill Bill Huntera corrupt politician who verbally lashes out at his subservient and depressed wife, Betty, and their unambitious children at every opportunity.

Muriel attends the wedding of Tania and Chook. During the wedding reception Muriel sees Nicole and Chook having sex in a room.

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Chook's cousin Dianna calls the police on Muriel for stealing a dress that she is currently wearing at the wedding. Dianna witnessed Muriel stealing the dress at a store before the wedding. Muriel is escorted out the wedding reception by police.

Soon after, Muriel's "friends" break off their friendship with her and plan a holiday to Hibiscus Island without her to cheer up Tania, who found out that Chook has cheated on her with another woman called Rose Biggs.

Tania doesn't know that Chook had also been cheating on her with Nicole. While out to dinner, Muriel and her family run into Bill's rumored mistress, Deidre Chambers, who has done well in a cosmetics pyramid schemeand she recruits Muriel.

The following day, Betty writes a blank check for Muriel to cash into the scheme. Later on the island, Muriel runs into Rhonda Epinstalk Rachel Griffithsa fellow social outcast from her high school days who is more outgoing and adventurous.

Muriel tells Rhonda that Tania and the other girls are at the resort too. Rhonda resolves to confront them, as she was also bullied by Tania in high school. Rhonda tells Tania that Muriel saw Nicole having sex with Chook, which later results in a physical fight between Tania and Nicole.

During the trip, Muriel lies to Rhonda about being engaged. At the end of her holiday, Muriel returns home and is confronted by Betty over the missing money.

Muriel immediately leaves the house and moves to Sydney, where she shares a flat with Rhonda and changes her name to "Mariel. During one wild weekend night, Rhonda suddenly falls down, apparently paralyzed. While waiting in the emergency room in Sydney, Muriel calls her family home and learns the Australian Federal Police are investigating her father for corruption.

Rhonda discovers she has a malignant tumor pressing on her spine and requires urgent surgery. Muriel then uses Rhonda's health crisis as the basis of a deception to obtain a free photo shoot from a bridal shop.

During one of Rhonda's rehab sessions, Muriel promises that she will take care of Rhonda and that they will never need to return to their hometown.

However, Rhonda later discovers that Muriel has tried on every wedding dress in Sydney and confronts her, forcing Muriel to confess the depth of her deceptions.

Rhonda's cancer returns, necessitating more severe surgery and leaving her permanently paralyzed. At Muriel's elaborate wedding, her former so-called friends serve as the bridesmaids with the exception of Nicole; Muriel had asked Rhonda to be a bridesmaid but Rhonda turned her down, instead relegated to being a guest.

Tania tells Rhonda that her and Chook are Divorcing. Bill attends with Deidre. Betty arrives late to the wedding, missing the actual ceremony; Muriel doesn't notice her at the back of the church and walks past.

Rhonda moves back to Porpoise Spit with her mother as she can no longer live in Sydney without any help, and Muriel moves in with David. David soon makes his contempt for Muriel known, and Muriel realizes their relationship will always be platonic.

Meanwhile, back in Porpoise Spit, a distraught Betty accidentally shoplifts a pair of sandals from a supermarket. Dianna, who saw Betty put on the shoes, follows Betty around the store and to the cashier. Dianna calls the police.

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Bill arranges with the police for the charges to disappear and takes Betty home. In the car Betty pleads with Bill that her actions were not intentional and that she needs help.

Bill ignores Betty's cries and announces his intention to divorce her and marry Deidre. Betty sets the backyard on fire after constantly asking one of her sons to mow itthen commits suicide by taking sleeping pills. Realising her constant marginalisation broke Betty's will to live, Muriel breaks down.

David comforts her, and they finally consummate their marriage. Her mother's death has forced Muriel to take a hard look at her life, and the next morning, Muriel asks David, who has decided that he likes having her around, for a divorce.

A movie analysis of muriels wedding

She leaves and wishes him good luck in the Olympics. Bill asks Muriel to stay and help raise her siblings; she refuses. She also states that she will no longer put up with his rude and emotionally abusive treatment of her and her siblings.Mar 17,  · "Muriel's Wedding" has a lot of big and little laughs in it, but also a melancholy undercurrent, which reveals itself toward the end of the film in a series of surprises and unexpected developments.

The arc of its story involves Muriel's discovery of herself, and a developing faith that she can have a good time, make friends, and be valued/5.

A movie analysis of muriels wedding

‘Muriel’s Wedding’ written by P.J Hogan expresses the term ‘success’ under many corrupted ideologies such as marriage. The notion of choice depicted in both ‘Hurricane Downturn’ and ‘ Muriel’s Wedding ’ is undermined by a variety of assumptions and themes. Muriel's Wedding Opening Scene Analysis Techniques Desperate Women Peer Pressure Bouquet -Opening Shot Techniques used - Low Angle Shot - Non-Diegetic Sound and music - Cross-Cutting to the faces of desperate women - tracking shot (with the bouquet) Techniques used - High Angle Shot - Diegetic Sound of screaming.

Muriel's Wedding Analysis

Muriel's Wedding is a tragic comedy set in the town of Porpoise Spit, Australia. The movie is about Muriel, an ugly-duckling character, and her one motivation in life, to get married.

Her motivation arises from the fact that all of her friends from high school, the ones she tries so hard to. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Muriel's Wedding Muriel Heslop is a lonely girl growing up in the small town of Porpoise Spit, Australia.

Her obsession with the band Abba, strange clothes, and visions of marriage isolate her from her family and peers.

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A movie analysis of muriels wedding